• reestablishedgrid

    First Public Meeting for Federal Blvd Planning Effort April 27

    The Federal Boulevard Corridor Wide Study (Study) is officially underway. The first public meeting is April 27, Lincoln High School (2285 South Federal), 5:30 to 7:30. Work has been underway the past two months. The consultant team hired to study and… Read More

  • FunOnFederal

    Fun on Federal 2nd Annual Debut

    “Fun on Federal” makes a grand return in its 2nd Annual Debut. Local restaurants will be providing “choice appetizers” for Fun on Federal ticket holders. What better way to spend an early Fall evening strolling the neighborhood sampling… Read More

  • 11377181_255153647988394_5101792469175947733_n (1)

    Bounty Bucks Debuts with Jefferson Park Farm and Flea

    You’ve not heard of Bounty Bucks? How about Jefferson Park Farm and Flea (JPFF)? Well it wouldn’t be surprising if you haven’t. Both are a result of a new aspiring collaboration this summer between the Horseshoe Market and Federal… Read More

  • 97541231

    Business Spotlight; Jack-n-Grill

    If you’ve traveled or lived around North Federal Blvd for a few years, you surely know Jack-n-Grill at 2524 Federal Blvd. Owner Jack Martinez brought New Mexican cuisine from his hometown of Albuquerque to Denver with the opening… Read More

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March 2016 Board Mtg Notes

March 17 Attendance: Marshall Vanderburg, Alan Burch, Ihor Figlus, John Applegate, Cindy Snalam and Carole Vowell Jerry Guida provided Marshall the bank balances and financial statements for February, which was distributed and discussed. Everything nicely balanced and they… Read More

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Jan 2016 Board Mtg Notes

Jan 16 Attendance: Marshall Vanderburg, Alan Burch, Jerry Guida, Ihor Figlus, John Applegate and Cindy Snalam Jerry Guida, Treasurer, provided bank balances and financial statements for November and December 2015. The Partnership has 27 paid members to close out… Read More

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Sept 2015 Board Mtg Notes

Attendance: Marshall Vanderburg, Rafael Espinoza, Alan Burch, Jerry Guida, Ihor Figlus, John Applegate, Carole Vowell, Cindy Snalam, Brenda Vasquez, Jaime Aquilar, Leslie Twarogowski and Jay Roberts Alan moved to accept the minutes, Carol Vowell seconded – motion carried…. Read More

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