March 2016 Board Mtg Notes

March 17 Attendance: Marshall Vanderburg, Alan Burch, Ihor Figlus, John Applegate, Cindy Snalam and Carole Vowell

Jerry Guida provided Marshall the bank balances and financial statements for February, which was distributed and discussed. Everything nicely balanced and they were accepted.

Marshall reported that finally information had just been released regarding the Federal Boulevard Corridor Wide Planning process. He distributed a copy of an email regarding the anticipated process. It included a series of four workshops in May and June on four different topics, all in the afternoon. There was concern expressed regarding the lack of citizen participation provided for during the process. A task force meeting was scheduled the week of March 21st, Marshall would take the concern to the meeting and learn more. He would also report back to the board.

Cindy raised ongoing issues regarding RTD bus routes. She has provided a copy of rough notes to Marshall, who indicated he would attempt to formalize them in a letter to RTD. Cindy also suggested organizing a social event at the new Little Machine Brewery before the first Federal Blvd Planning workshop, as a way to get the word out to folks. She will report back.

Marshall and Alan clarified what was required to setup Google with Mail Chimp.

Meeting adjourned by 7:00 pm; Minutes submitted by Marshall Vanderburg

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