July 2106 Board Mtg Notes

July 21, 2016

Attendance: Marshall Vanderburg, Ihor Figlus, Jerry Guida, Cindy Snalam, John Applegate, Brenda Vasquez and Alan Burch (Maria as well)

Thank you to Cindy Snalam for hosting the meeting in her backyard (a summer tradition).

May meeting notes (no meeting in June) were reviewed and accepted as is with a unanimous vote.

Jerry Guida presented the bank balances and financial statements for May and June, which was distributed and discussed. Everything balanced and they were accepted.

Two workshop meetings of the taskforce were convened in June (6th and 13th) for the Federal Blvd Corridor Wide study; first was multimodal and trail connectivity, second urban design, market, parks and open space (workshop summaries attached). Several items were discussed that Jerry raised, for example, the role of center medians in protecting pedestrians and lessoning vehicular accidents. The next taskforce meeting to discuss feedback collected from the survey and the initial public meeting has not yet been scheduled. In fact, Marshall expressed concerned that another public meeting was not being planned by project leaders till near the conclusion of the process in late Fall, with the presentation of recommendations for the final plan. Marshall committed to track this down with possible dates, so that the Partnership could plan public outreach in September or October.

Cindy expressed interest in organizing a social to include a few more neighborhoods with JPUN, SLCG and WHNA. The date of September 29 was discussed, possibly at Chili Verde. Hopefully this date would be a week or two ahead of something public that might occur in October associated to the Federal Blvd planning process.

Marshall and Alan agreed a social media/web/communications meeting should soon be scheduled.

Marshall provided information about the Jefferson Park Farm and Flea (JPFF) held the weekend before. Turnout was good. Looks like it will be a good season for JPFF. Fun on Federal (restaurant walk-arounds) sponsored by the BID has been scheduled for Thursday, September 15, more information to come. The BID is also in the process of installing several bike racks around the district.

Meeting adjourned by 7:30 pm; Minutes submitted by Marshall Vanderburg

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