Make a Difference for Federal Blvd

Opportunity for Public Input September 22nd

The Federal Boulevard Corridor Wide planning process hit its stride with the August release of a draft set of project prioritizations. Recommendations from the successful conclusion of the planning process will direct corridor improvement efforts the next 20 years. As a once in a generation opportunity to positively affect Federal redevelopment efforts, the Federal Boulevard Partnership is sponsoring a public meeting to discuss and further prioritize the list of possible projects. The meeting is Thursday, September 22nd, 6:30 PM at the American GI Forum, 1717 Federal Blvd.

The large set of draft project recommendations are grouped by high, medium or low priority categories. The recommendations are also organized into corridor-wide or geographic groupings. A small set of examples include:

  • Dedicated transit lanes (corridor-wide); high priority
  • Improve customer waiting environment at transit stops (corridor-wide); medium priority
  • Additional vehicular turn arrows (corridor-wide); low priority
  • Install wide sidewalks and landscaped buffers, pedestrian lighting and a banner program along Federal to improve and enhance the stadium district; high priority
  • Median between W 16th to 20th; high priority
  • Pedestrian safety and connectivity at Decatur-Federal light rail station; medium priority
  • Convert Federal and W Colfax to an at-grade intersection (remove cloverleaf); low priority
  • Install specialized crosswalk at Speer Blvd; high priority
  • Enhance transit customer waiting environment at 27th, 29th and 38th; medium priority
  • Left turn phase at 26th; low priority

Come prepared to the meeting if you can and invite your neighbors. A few helpful items for you to read available online include the Federal Blvd Existing Conditions Report, notes from two Taskforce meetings held earlier in the summer, and the meeting presentation provided at the public meeting held April 27th, which define and outline the planning process.

If there is ever the time to help shape the future of North and Southwest Denver’s Main Street (aka “the Boulevard), now is it. Hope to see you September 22nd.

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