May 2016 Board Mtg Notes

May 19, 2016

Attendance: Marshall Vanderburg, Ihor Figlus, Jerry Guida, Cindy Snalam and John Applegate

Jerry Guida presented the bank balances and financial statements for April, which was distributed and discussed. Everything balanced and they were accepted.

The kickoff Federal Blvd Corridor Study public meeting had occurred two weeks before. Everyone agreed attendance was very good though there seemed to be greater representation of people from along South Federal. Possibly holding the meeting at Lincoln discouraged attendance from the North. It was also strange how the meeting was conducted in the main hallway of the school rather than in a large room. This was a cause for some awkwardness. Even still, there was a lot of information provided about the data collection phase of the project with colorful boards to represent existing conditions. Attendees were provided the opportunity to weigh-in on several of the findings. The Task Force meetings were being rescheduled to dates in June and Marshall promised to distribute the information when available. The next public meeting to discuss draft recommendations based on the findings would probably be held in September.

The Saturday Social was held at Little Machine Brewery. At the Social visual boards of the Federal planning process was provided, with surveys people could populate. Over 20 surveys were collected and probably 30 to 35 people attended in total. Quite a few customers ended up being engaged in providing feedback as well.

Marshall provided information about the Jefferson Park Farm and Flea (JPFF) held the weekend before. Though the weather was cloudy all day, the turnout for the first market of the year was great. Looks like it will be a good season for JPFF. Five additional markets are planned, most on the 2nd Saturday of each month (July the exception with the 3rd Saturday). Fun on Federal (restaurant walk-arounds) has been scheduled for Thursday, September 15, more information to come.

Meeting adjourned by 7:15 pm; Minutes submitted by Marshall Vanderburg

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