Jan 2016 Board Mtg Notes

Jan 16 Attendance: Marshall Vanderburg, Alan Burch, Jerry Guida, Ihor Figlus, John Applegate and Cindy Snalam Jerry Guida, Treasurer, provided bank balances and financial statements for November and December 2015. The Partnership has 27 paid members to close out… Read More

Sept 2015 Board Mtg Notes

Attendance: Marshall Vanderburg, Rafael Espinoza, Alan Burch, Jerry Guida, Ihor Figlus, John Applegate, Carole Vowell, Cindy Snalam, Brenda Vasquez, Jaime Aquilar, Leslie Twarogowski and Jay Roberts Alan moved to accept the minutes, Carol Vowell seconded – motion carried…. Read More

July 2015 Board Meeting Notes

July 16, 2015 The Partnership meeting was held at the home of Brenda Vasquez In attendance:  Marshall Vanderburg, Carole Vowell, Gilbert Vasquez, Cindy Snalam, Brenda Vasquez, Alan Burch and Ihor Figlus Marshall made a motion to approve the… Read More

June 2015 Board Mtg Notes

June 18, 2015 In attendance: Marshall Vanderburg, Cindy Snalam, Jerry Guida, Jaime Aguilar, Carol Vowell, Alan Burch, Brenda Vasquez and Ihor Figlus Minutes from April meeting were duly motioned and approved. Jerry presented the finance report. A $150… Read More