The Federal Boulevard Partnership is an entirely volunteer organization. To help financially support the Partnership’s activities and provide community representatives a forum seeking positive change in the Federal Boulevard corridor, the Partnership is setup as a membership organization. Membership dues and personal financial contributions go a long way towards supporting our efforts and realizing the goals we as a community have set for the future of “the Boulevard”, Denver and northwest Denver’s original main street.

Dues are nominal at $10 per individual and family, and $20 for businesses. Membership is active in the year paid, till December 31. Being a member entitles you to regular information and activity updates, and ability to vote during board elections and on issues of importance during public meetings held at least twice every year. You do not have to be resident or business representative of Federal Boulevard to be a member. Importantly, we accept donations from people who desire to “really make a difference”.

The Partnership is a nonprofit 501c3 organization.

There are two ways to become a member.

First and easiest, use the Pay Pal Donate button below to pay your membership fee ($10 individual, $20 business) and/or make a donation. Pay Pal accepts credit or debit cards.

Second, feel free to mail a check payable to the Federal Boulevard Partnership to: PO Box 140517, Denver, CO 80214.

Thank you!