Our North Denver Community

Federal Neighborhoods

“The Boulevard” neighborhoods; Villa Park, Sun Valley, West Colfax, Jefferson Park, Sloan’s Lake, Highland, West Highland, Sunnyside, Berkeley, Chaffee Park and Regis

This portion of the Federal Boulevard Partnership’s website is oriented to one thing: neighborhood communities. At a recent Partnership public information meeting someone asked; “how the heck does someone know or access the community efforts and activities going on in Northwest Denver”—or as we like to call it, North Denver. Well, the answer isn’t that easy. You first need to know what or who those organizations are and second, start navigating around the Internet or through personal networks to figure everything out. There has got to be an easier way!

This site will attempt, over time, to address the issue; how do we better connect to work together to continue to make North Denver the best community in the US of A! It’s a bit of an experiment, “we don’t know the entire journey, we just have the vision in mind”.

We will start small with this site and blog (blog coming soon).

The site will provide summary descriptions of North Denver organizations who have a Web presence, with their Web links. Note that we’ll be “copying and pasting” much of what we have from websites so don’t expect much new material. Find neighborhood menu items associated with this page. Also download a master list of organizations here.

We also are starting a blog (coming soon). Because our mandate is Federal Boulevard or “the Boulevard” (as we like to call it), the blog will have this unique orientation. The question to begin is “what do you love or hate about the Boulevard”?

Where does this go, we do not know yet. That’s half the fun. Let’s work together.

Why are we doing this? Because one of the unique attributes of the Federal Boulevard Partnership (Partnership), is that it operates as a collaborative of Federal commercial and residential interests, as well as representatives of neighborhood organizations who have “the Boulevard” as part of their defined boundaries. The Partnership’s bylaws is purposely constructed for the board to include the diversity of these interests and the drive for action.

Note that Denver has an organizational registration program titled “RNO’s” for community, residential and business interests. In North Denver, there are currently 17 such RNO’s registered. All the RNO’s share a common interest; how to maintain and grow North Denver as a healthy, safe, beautiful and vibrant community with desirable walkable and bikeable places. It’s all about “our community”.

Let’s begin the discussion about what makes us unique and build towards a common future!