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Transportation Plan Released

In early 2014 Denver announced that the Federal Boulevard reconstruction project was funded by the Colorado Department of Highways to begin in 2016. West 6th Avenue construction was already slated to begin in February. Due to impact of these impending projects for local communities and business, the Partnership was in receipt of a grant from Denver Public Works to assist a community grassroots effort to plan mitigation of the reconstruction projects. Called Transportation Demand Management (TDM), the effort seeks to develop strategic and programs for local residential and business communities that will provide travel alternatives to normal vehicular options. These programs can serve to not only mitigate impacts of the two reconstruction projects but hopefully provide a long-term sustainable approach to reducing vehicular travel through these corridors. An initial TDM planning meeting of community stakeholders was held April 17th. In October 2014, the TDM report was released. Several elements of the plan include:

  • Work with Groundwork Denver during 2015 to implement the plan’s recommendations.
  • Build a centralized project web site that is a centralized hub where people can find out what is going on with the project, how to find out about their travel options, and incentives that may be available to them.
  • Conduct targeted community walk and bike events that are timed with major construction elements such as the closing of bridges.
  • Individualized travel plans should be made available.
  • Work with the Denver Regional Council of Governments’ Way to Go program to target businesses and residents along the corridor to encourage them to form carpools and utilize to identify their travel options.
  • Solicit free transit passes from RTD for distribution to households in the corridor as part of travel plans.